Tent Rentals in Houston Texas

What’s the 1 Essential Thing You Need to Plan Your Wedding Day?

Planning your wedding day will be one of the most exciting times of your life. You may spend hours dreaming about and deciding on the style, the theme, and colors. What makes it all possible is that you can rent everything you will need.

What’s Essential with an Outdoor Wedding?

If you decide to have an outdoor wedding and reception in Houston, having a tent is essential. It will serve as “the hub” if the weather forecast says it will be rainy day or used as a cool-down area if the day is very sunny and warm.

The weather in Houston can be hot and sunny one minute and rainy the next. You never know what you’re going to get on any given day. It’s best to be prepared with wedding tent rentals in Houston.

How Can I Design My Reception in a Tent Rental?

The choices you make for the reception helps to determine what size tent is best and which design to choose.  In addition to tent design, we also rent tables and chairs. You can design any type of environment you want to create inside a tent rental.

Rectangular or round tables and chairs are the traditional choice seating. A newer choice includes using bistro tables and chairs that is now quite popular, especially if the wedding is a more casual than formal, and even when it is formal also. Along with your choice of seating, it would be a good time to reserve your linens in you color scheme, dinnerware, glassware, and anything else you will need.

How Do I Choose a Tent to Rent for My Big Day?

Many things come into consideration when choosing the right sized tent for your special day. When you call us for your big day tent rental in Houston, you will need to specify how many guests you expect, where you would like the guest seating arranged, along with where you would like the buffet tables, cake table, stage, and dance floor placed.

We also offer to deliver, set up, and take down the event rental items, including the tent, once your event is finished. We’d love to help you with your big plans so give us a call.

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