Party Tent Rentals in Houston

Houston Outdoor Tent Event Rentals

Having an outdoor party in Houston? Great! Can I come? Even if I'm not invited, allow me a moment to offer you a bit of advice that will save your outdoor party from disaster...

...Call Turn Key Event Rentals, a Houston party tent rental store, so you can keep your guests out of the rain or hot sun.

Why Choose a Party Tent Rental for Houston Events?

Because you never can tell which way the wind will blow, or whether the day is going to be wet or dry, renting a party tent for your Houston event makes a lot of sense. Besides the protection, it creates a focal point so everyone knows, "hey, the party's here." It's also a great place to set up the food tables and drinks for your guests. If you're planning on having a band, a party tent rental is a must-have.

Unless you're inviting the whole town, you probably don't need a circus tent. And that's a good thing because your location better be pretty large if you're planning on setting up the big top.

Variety of Styles and Sizes of Party Tents

Party tent rentals are available in all types and sizes for your Houston event. The best way to make sure you get the right one for your next shindig is to discuss your party plans with one of our party tent rental professionals.

Making the right choice means knowing how many guests will be attending, whether you'll be setting up tables and chairs, and if there will be dancing to live music, a DJ, or your iPod.

Armed with that information, the party tent rental experts at Turn Key Event Rentals will lead you to the tent that will work best for you. We offer a variety of tent kinds such as hockers, pole tents, frame tents, and structure tents.

Maybe you need a tent for a charity event or outdoor gala. Then look no further. Click here to read more about our Gala and Charity tent rentals.

Houston Party Tent Rentals

Plan Your Next Event With a Party Tent Rental

You may find you have your choice of tent colors. Do you want sidewalls? They're often available solid or in see-through materials. Or how about a translucent top to let all those Texas "stars at night" shine through for your nighttime party? If dancing is on the agenda, consider a dance floor rental in Houston. Cutting the rug is one thing, but cutting the grass is something else entirely and can leave grass blades, causing stains, on your guests' clothes.

You can even rent portable air conditioning, party lights and whatever else you want to make your party rental tent match your party plans.

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