Wedding Tent Rentals in Houston

Houston Outdoor Wedding Tent Rentals

Ah, the weather in Houston, Texas. If you don't like it, check back in an hour, it will change. This is why it's important to rent a wedding tent to keep the bride and guests dry during summer thunderstorms and keep them out of the blazing hot Houston sun when there's not a rain cloud in sight.

When it comes to saving money, renting a wedding tent makes a lot more sense than buying one. But what kind should you get? The answer depends upon your particular needs and our professionals at Turn Key Event Rentals can help.

How to Choose a Wedding Tent Rental

The Party Canopy is a quick pop-up tent that provides basic shelter from the sun and rain, as long as the wind isn't blowing sideways! Good for a small group but fills up fast when you add a few tables and chairs. You can usually install this one yourself.

The Frame Tent gets its name from the metal frame that supports it. There is no center pole to get in the way, and it is a bit sturdier than the canopy. This one's a little more involved in setting up. It's best to let us, your wedding tent rental company in Houston, do the setup for you.

Houston Wedding Tent Rentals

The Tension Tent is sturdier. It uses tall center polls and offers a more open feeling. Good for medium-sized crowds, and particularly smart if you plan to have the band playing underneath because there's more room for dancing. We will install this one.

The Pole Tent is the grand daddy of wedding rental tents. It uses poles around the perimeter and in the center to provide maximum resistance to Texas thunder boomers and high winds. No need to cut back on the guest list. This wedding rental tent has room for everyone. Setup and takedown is a big ordeal, so you'll want it professionally installed by our experts.

Location for Your Wedding Tent Rental in Houston

Keep in mind that guests will be using the tent, but they'll also be using restroom facilities and making their way to and from the parking lot. It's best to choose a central location that's on level ground and away from any potential hazards like streams that may flood, or tree limbs that may fall if the weather turns for the worse.

Wedding tent rentals can make a special day even more so. Call Turn Key Event Rentals at 281-449-7368 and let us help you pick the one that's best for your wedding day in Houston.

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