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Houston Outdoor Event Tent Rentals

Planning an outdoor wedding or party under the Houston skies? Better plan on becoming familiar with tent rentals first. Maybe you’re better at predicting Texas weather than most people are but, if you’re not, you and your guests will be glad you ordered a tent rental for your get-together.

Tent Rentals In Houston Make An Outdoor Wedding Or Event Better

It doesn’t even take bad weather to make renting a tent in Houston a logical choice. A hot summers day, or a chilly fall evening is all it takes to make your guests wish they were in your living room rather than at whatever outdoor event you invited them to.

The nice thing about renting a tent is you don’t have to invest a lot of money to enjoy all of the benefits. Decent size tents, made from quality materials, can run $10,000 or more when you buy them, but not when you rent a tent instead. We make Houston tent rentals for wedding and other outdoor events affordable.

There’s a Tent Rental for Every Event or Need

All you need to do is discuss your upcoming event with the tent rental professionals at Turn Key Event Rentals.

We’ll need a bit of information to get started, including:

  • The number of people attending
  • The type of event
  • And what you plan to use the tent for (serving meals, seating, dancing, whatever)

Then get in touch with your Houston outdoor tent rental experts at Turn Key Event Rentals and your worries are over. We will provide the quote and items you need to rent to make your Houston event a success.

Turn Key Event Rentals will be happy to set up the tent for you.

Call Us For Outdoor Tent Rental In Houston

From cozy pop-up tents to the big daddy pole tent, and all sizes and styles in-between, if you need a tent for your next outdoor occasion, you can rent it from us by calling 281-449-7368 today.

Call (281) 449-7368 for pricing or click here to view pricing catalog pdf in new window. ( Note: Pricing is subject to change without notice. )