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The Top Benefits to Renting a Tent with Sidewalls

We get questions about our party tent rentals all the time. We’re glad to help with questions because it eliminates your guesswork when you just need a rental for your party. But, if you’re reading this right now, we also have the answers to your questions that you can view here.

Questions like, are sidewalls easy to install, can sidewalls be rolled up and how much do sidewalls cost, are common. One of the most common tent types and accessories to tents that we receive questions to are about the sidewalls. The first question asked may even be, why rent a tent with sidewalls.

The Benefits of Renting a Tent with Sidewalls

In the vast majority of situations, the host of the party after understanding the benefits, such as weather protection and privacy to name a few, decide that sidewalls are more mandatory than optional.

Which leads to the next question, what type of sidewalls are best?

There are in fact, a multitude of sidewall options, and the following is a brief overview of each.

Clear sidewalls – the most popular and self-explanatory as these walls are see-through.

Cathedral sidewalls – considerably more detailed, generally having arched-paned windows, they can be used in combination with other sidewalls and provide a means to bring the feel of a home or ballroom to an event.

Solid white sidewalls – primarily considered for privacy and a very effective option to hide equipment that could be an eyesore. This option can also be very useful in creating extra walls or creating divisions in space.

What are Tent Sidewalls Made Of?

Surprisingly durable, most sidewalls like the ones mentioned above are made of commercial grade vinyl, which is tough, flexible and very easy to handle and move. Yet much of that “handling” or “moving” is optional too, which may be another consideration to that question, why rent a tent with sidewalls.

Everything from getting a tent with sidewalls fully installed and closed to just having the tent delivered with sidewalls not attached at all are options. Of course, the type of event and overall need will guide your decision on whether you’d like to have sidewalls or not.

How Do You Install a Tent Sidewall?

Utilizing one of our tent attendants is always suggested, as it saves the host and guests the hassle (no matter how big or small) and time of opening, closing or whatever other maintenance of the sidewalls is needed, freeing everyone to simply enjoy the event.

Whatever type of tent, fully installed, partially installed, our crew, according to your specifications, can handle any other needs for tent and sidewall construction. Please note that the sidewalls are never intended to be rolled up, and are designed to be either attached or removed. If you have any questions, or are considering if a tent and sidewalls would work for your next party, contact us. We’re glad to answer your questions.

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