Tent Rentals in Houston Texas

Outside Wedding? Tent Rentals Help You Plan for Inclement Weather

The ‘big’ day is near – your wedding, and when you plan to have an outside wedding, you want to be prepared for any inclement weather. Thankfully, our Houston wedding rentals location has the assortment of tent styles, shapes and sizes to fit any themed wedding. Actually, in most cases, renting tents for a wedding is cheaper than renting a banquet room because they can accommodate more people.

How Many Guest Do You Plan to Invite?

When preparing a workable budget for your wedding, you need to decide the amount of guests. This will determine the tent size and style needed, including the price of rental.

The Date of the Wedding

When contacting our company for tent rentals, the first thing we need to know is ‘when’ you need the tents so the tent delivery and set-up time can be coordinated with your wedding event. But, you need to know that there are overtime fees and potential permits you may need, if you plan on holding your wedding in a park or other public places.

Tent Types, Accessories and Decorations

Basically, there are two main types of tents available that include pole tents and frame tents. Our tent rental companies’ expert customer service team will suggest the type that is best for your event. While there are many tents that are simple and plain looking, our company specializes in catering to special events like weddings. There is so much more to offer for your event, such as aesthetic lighting solutions, wedding decorations and extra sidewalls, which can partition the interior of tents into rooms.

There is much to consider when preparing for a wedding, but if you take things one-step-at-a-time, calculating the costs isn’t that difficult at all, and our Houston wedding rentals facility can help.

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