Tent Rentals in Houston Texas

How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Event

If you’re planning to host an event outdoors, then you will want to provide a comfortable place for guests. Tent rentals can help keep your guests out of the blazing Houston sun and from the rain. Getting the price for tent rental isn’t hard if you know what to look for. Of course, out team is also on standby to help you make the right selection.

Here’s a few things to review before deciding which tent is right for you:

  1. Check the space you have available.

Depending on the event location, you will need to know how much space you have available to have a tent set up. The area available needs to be free from obstructions, such as the building’s walls, trees, bushes, fencing, and anything that is overhead.

The space needs to have a few feet of extra space to accommodate the tent stakes or weights. In addition, the space should not be over any hazards that could cause further difficulty, such as electrical, gas, or water lines in the event stakes are needed to secure the tent into the ground.

  1. Decide how many guests you will have and desired layout.

If you already know the number of guests you expect, that is one of the most important things we need to know. You can tell us the layout you wish to have that includes how the tables are set up and/or if you only require seating.

We go by the rule that each guest requires about 10-12 square feet for the maximum comfortable seating at a table. With that in mind, a 1200 square foot tent (30×40) can usually seat about 100-120 guests with table accommodations. If you have other items that need space, such as tables for food, dance floor, and area for a band, these will need to be taken into consideration to allow for a comfortable layout and flow.

  1. In addition to tent size, there are extras that can provide the right environment.

Tents come with or without sidewalls. If you decide to choose to have sidewalls added, these help with keeping the wind, rain, and cold outside. Your guests will be much more comfortable in these conditions.

We can help you select the right Houston tent rental for your event. Call us at (281) 449-7368

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