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When you host an outdoor event in Katy, Texas, be it a party, a corporate event, a wedding, or any other outside shindig, there is a lot of preparation that goes into it. Even if youíre a veteran of planning outdoor get-togethers (and especially if youíre a novice), the whole experience can be tough. In addition to determining who is coming, what is on the menu, what band to book, and any of the other sundry tasks you have to manage, you have to figure out how to keep your guests comfortable in the sometimes unpredictable (and often scorching) Katy, Texas weather. Thatís what tent rental is for, and thatís where we come in! Our tent rentals come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, accommodating any style of party, from cozy get-togethers to extravagant weddings. We have hocker tents, pole tents, key tents, century tents, frame tents, and even tent booths for special events! We are here to make planning you Katy, Texas party as easy as possible by offering the tent rentals you want, the installation you might require, and the extras you probably need!

In Katy, Texas there are quite a few tent rental companies, but you only need one and, truthfully, there only needs be one: Turn Key Event Rentals. Our tents are both handsome and hearty, looking good for your guests while also keeping them safe and sound from high winds, rainstorms, and just about any other extreme weather conditions Mother Nature can throw at your party! Moreover, in addition to offering you tent rentals we can also provide the extras like tables/chair rentals, stage and dance floors rentals, portable A/C unit rentals, and more! Turn Key is here to help you organize your Katy, Texas party with as little anxiety as possible.

With Turn Key, our customer service is as helpful as our tent rental! We are here to help you choose the right tent for your event, to help you choose the right extras for your event, and, simply put, to help you in any way we can. Weíll install the tent, tear down the tent, and make your function in Katy, Texas one to remember! Give us a call at 281-449-7368 or email us!

Call (281) 449-7368 for pricing or click here to view pricing catalog pdf in new window. ( Note: Pricing is subject to change without notice. )