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If you've planned an outdoor party in Conroe, Texas, you aren't out of the woods just yet: you still need to rent a tent from Turn Key Event Rentals. Conroe, Texas has quite a few different tent rental options, but there might as well be just one. We are the premier tent rental company for a reason. We have a great selection of affordable tents that are perfect for any and all outdoor get-togethers. Whether you are throwing a birthday bash, a corporate event, a backyard barbeque, or a wedding, Turn Key Event Rentals has the tent rental for you. We have small tents for intimate, cozy celebrations, and we have large tents for extravagant get-togethers. Whatever your need, we can meet it. Just take a look at what we have in stock: pole tents, hocker tents, key tents, frame tents, century tents, and then we have tent booths for special events!

And that's not all! With Turn Key Event Rentals you'll get the absolute most in terms of customer service. We are here to facilitate your party planning and allay your stress from said planning. We understand that organizing a party is an extremely trying process, so we are here to make sure you don't have to worry about your party being ruined by the scorching sun or an untimely rainstorm. And, if you've lived in Conroe, Texas long, you know the weather is not predictable. The last thing you want to worry about when planning a party is something outside of your control. Even though you don't invite her, Mother Nature has a penchant for crashing outdoor parties, so leave it to us to keep her out!

If you've heard of us, then you probably know about our tent rental service. And that's good, because we offer a lot. We deliver, install, and tear down whatever tent or tents you choose for your Conroe, Texas outdoor party. However, we're not just tents. We also offer an array of extras, including tables, chairs, stages, dance floors, and more. So, next time you are planning an outdoor party, remember to give the experts a call at 281-449-7368. Or, alternatively, shoot us an email.

Call (281) 449-7368 for pricing or click here to view pricing catalog pdf in new window. ( Note: Pricing is subject to change without notice. )