Tent Rentals in Houston Texas

The 3 Top Party Rentals for Your Celebration

There’s no denying that organizing a birthday celebration, family reunion or a wedding is nothing short of a headache! Everything from how many guests or attendees, the choice of food that will be served to the amount of chairs and tables that need to be ordered can be resolved with the utilization of a rental company. For Houston party tent rentals, our location is your one-stop shop for your party rental needs.

Chairs, Tables & Accessories

Don’t throw a party or celebration with a collection of different chairs from your house. Present a uniform appearance and have plenty of tables and chairs available for everyone to enjoy themselves in comfort. You can choose from a variety of colors for tablecloths and centerpieces, so as to match the color of the bridal party or theme of the party. You can add chair sashes, vases, and candles.

Tents & Canopies

Having your event outdoors and need a sizable tent or canopy to offer protection to your guests in the event of inclement weather? Don’t take a chance with Mother Nature, be like the Boy Scouts, and be prepared! Your guests will thank you for providing a canopy or tent that will keep them in the shade and dry from the rain.

Dance Floor

Everybody loves to dance! Kick things into high gear and liven up the party with a dance floor. Portable dance floors come in various sizes and can be packaged with a DJ service and lighting for the ultimate experience!

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