Tent Rentals in Houston Texas

Have Professional Event Rental Companies Set Up Your Tent

To host an event of any size, it is important to look into a company with experience. Houston event rentals offer tents, which pass safety measures in case of emergency. There are incidents, which can occur through nature, or the way that tents would be set up

Let Professionals Set Up Your Tent

The worst scenario included workers who didn’t know where the power lines were located, overhead and underground. Another example was where a company staked in the grass and overnight the heavy rain pulled them up. There was severe weather where trees toppled. There is also a story where a bubble canopy collapses because of a microburst.

Note Whether the Tent is Solid

Important is to know if the framing is solid, rated, insured with the dollar amount of liability and the material is fire resistant. Make sure you know the age of the tent and if it’s rated. Check different styles and their rating.

Here’s some questions to ask:

  • Does the rating include any bad weather condition you include in your decision?
  • How will the tent be set up through stakes, recycled concrete blocks or ballast tanks?
  • Is the Fire department going to inspect after everything is set up?

The most important is the site where the installation will be to make sure the awareness of any kind of power lines, systems or tanks before digging. Houston event rentals work with you to make it a pleasant event.

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